Extraordinary Missions Require Extraordinary People

Extraordinary Missions Require Extraordinary People

Meet the team members leading the charge


Tanya Durand, Executive Director – tdurand@playtacoma.org

Brenda Morrison, Deputy Director – bmorrison@playtacoma.org

Charleen Balansay, Program Manager, Play to Learn – cbalansay@playtacoma.org

Julia Beerbower, HR Manager – jbeerbower@playtacoma.org

Hannah Darms, Director of The Muse: A Children’s Center – hdarms@playtacoma.org

Tiana Gabriel, Museum Manager –tgabriel@playtacoma.org

Maria Gaytan, Museum Manager – mgaytan@playtacoma.org

Jennie Griek, Development Director – jgriek@playtacoma.org

Alysia Jines, Programs and Playscape Manager – ajines@playtacoma.org

Cai Martin, Finance Coordinator – cmartin@playtacoma.org

Jen McDonald, Volunteer Manager – jmcdonald@playtacoma.org

Kimberly McKenney, Planning & Evaluation Director  – kmckenney@playtacoma.org

Maddy Mixter, Communications Manager – mmixter@playtacoma.org 

Rod Nash, Grants Manager – rnash@playtacoma.org

Miranda Owen, Program Coordinator, Membership and Community Engagement – mowen@playtacoma.org

Sarah Renfro, Assistant Director of The Muse: A Children’s Center – srenfro@playtacoma.org 

Shannon Rojecki, Preschool Powered by Play Manager and Lead Teacher at Hoyt campus – srojecki@playtacoma.org

Zack Scholl, Finance Manager – zscholl@playtacoma.org

Alyssa Tongue, Learning Experiences Director – alyssat@playtacoma.org

Jessica Winston, Events and Development Manager – jwinston@playtacoma.org


Brian Marlow, President

Lisa Hoffman, Vice President

Dave Edwards, Treasurer

Sheila Ryan, Secretary

Nicole Ancich

Bridget Baeth

Joanne Bamford

Holly Bamford Hunt, Past President

Jeff Chamberlin

Victoria Cantore Masselink

Linda Collins

Kim Fisher

David Graves

Gayle Hampton-Smith

Ashlynn Hernandez

Anthony Hines

Lisa Hoffman

Lea Johnson

James C. McShay, Ph.D.

Megan Michels

Isabel Muñoz-Colón

Kent Roberts

Michael Stewart

AJ Treleven

Dori Young