Extraordinary Missions Require Extraordinary People

Extraordinary Missions Require Extraordinary People

Meet the team members leading the charge


Tanya Durand, Executive Director – tdurand@playtacoma.org

Brenda Morrison, Deputy Director – bmorrison@playtacoma.org

Charleen Balansay, Program Manager, Play to Learn – cbalansay@playtacoma.org

Julia Beerbower, HR Manager – jbeerbower@playtacoma.org

Stella Franco, Office Coordinator – sfranco@playtacoma.org

Maria Gaytan, Museum Manager – mgaytan@playtacoma.org

Jennie Griek, Development Director – jgriek@playtacoma.org

Alysia Jines, Programs and Playscape Manager – ajines@playtacoma.org

Fahren Johnson, Director of Strategic Initiatives – fjohnson@playtacoma.org

Jen McDonald, Volunteer Manager – jmcdonald@playtacoma.org

Pope McHenry, Development Coordinator, pmchenry@playtacoma.org

Kimberly McKenney, Planning & Evaluation Director  – kmckenney@playtacoma.org

Rod Nash, Grants Manager – rnash@playtacoma.org

Miranda Owen, Program Coordinator, Membership and Community Engagement – mowen@playtacoma.org

Ebony Peterson, Events and Engagement Manager – epeterson@playtacoma.org

Shannon Rojecki, Preschool Powered by Play Manager and Lead Teacher at Hoyt campus – srojecki@playtacoma.org

Zack Scholl, Finance Manager – zscholl@playtacoma.org

Alyssa Tongue, Learning Experiences Director – alyssat@playtacoma.org

Jessica Winston, Child Centered Community Manager – jwinston@playtacoma.org

Rolfe Bautista, Communications Manager – rbautista@playtacoma.org


Holly Bamford Hunt, President

Isabel Muñoz-Colón, Vice President

AJ Treleven, Treasurer

Sheila Ryan, Secretary

Nicole Ancich

Bridget Baeth

Joanne Bamford

Jeff Chamberlin

Victoria Cantore Masselink

Linda Collins

Melissa Collins

Jeff Dade

Kim Fisher

Gayle Hampton-Smith

Anthony Hines

Lea Johnson

Kent Roberts

Brian Marlow, Past President

James C. McShay, Ph.D.

Megan Michels

Michael Stewart

Ellie Walters

Brandee Williams

Dori Young