Preschool Powered by Play

Preschool Powered by Play

Helping prepare children to be confident and eager learners

Inspired by the Best in Early Childhood Education

Due to COVID-19, Preschool Powered By Play will be closed until it is deemed safe to re-open.

Serving children ages 2 – 5 years old and their adults, this relationship-based program supports parental engagement in and encouragement of the natural, playful discovery process, helping prepare children to be confident and eager learners who are ready for school and their life journey.

We believe in the innate capacity of children to wonder, hypothesize, investigate and direct their own learning. Facilitators listen, observe, and provoke thoughtful investigations to follow the emergent interests of children within the Museum and carefully designed play-based classroom. Each learner and the collection of learners create an invested, collaborative and compassionate community that celebrates each person’s unique spark, gifts, and talents. We offer Toddler and Preschool Classes through Preschool Powered by Play.

Our Preschool Classes are offered at two locations, Hoyt Early Learning Center and the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. Two, Three, or Five-day per week classes for children ages 3 – 5 year old during the academic year Sept – May.

Toddler Classes are offered only at the Hoyt Early Learning Center, two consecutive days a week providing a foundation for familiarity with routine and learning through playful experiences, interactions, and environments.

Questions? Please contact our Preschool Powered by Play Team at or call 253-627-6031×226